Dental Assistants

At Dental Assistants School of Indiana, we find education to be one of the most valued aspects of our lives. Not only will it enrich your daily life, but it will also help you succeed in the professional world. Many whom desire to be trained in a profession often meet challenges preventing them from attending school. It is difficult for most people to attend school on a full- time basis because they must work to earn a living and school is often unaffordable. We feel our program will eliminate these challenges by offering weekly classes that accommodate work schedules while providing an affordable tuition.

Dental Assistants School of Indiana was established in 2011 by a local Indianapolis Cosmetic Dentist who recognized the need for well-trained and efficient dental assistants.   Dental Assistants School of Indiana was designed to prepare interested persons in becoming part of the dental field at a reasonable cost while training to become a well respected dental professional.


Assistants School

Expanded Functions Class
Seats Left:
Every other Tuesday
9 AM to 3 PM
Expanded Functions Class
Seats Left: 10
May 16, 2023
Every other Tuesday
9 AM to 3 PM
Dental Assisting Class
Seats Left:
Friday 9am to 3 pm
13 weeks
Dental Assisting Class
Seats Left: 8
April 28, 2023
Friday 9 am to 3 pm
13 weeks


Earn More Money

Dental assistants make more than double the minimum wage. The average wage for dental assistants can be over $30,000 on average.

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More Stability

Despite economic upturns and downturns dental services are always needed and dental assisting jobs are always available.

Better Future

Dental assisting has a strong future of growth. In addition, dental assisting provides additional options for advancement into office management, dental hygiene and even entering into dental school to become a dentist!

Better Environment

Work in a professional environment that encourages personal improvement, leadership, teamwork, and growth. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with health conscious people, and have lots of fun!

Better Hours

Almost all private dental practices work a traditional daytime schedule. In addition, the large majority of dental practices get their full time hours in 4 days per week. Therefore, most dental assistants have an extra day off each week. Corporate dental chains do offer longer hours, days and evenings.


Program Fee: $4,227

Program Includes:

Lecture and Lab Manuals

Use of Dental Technology, Equipment and Materials

Training in Digital Radiology

CPR Certification

Externship in a Dental Office

Clinical Experience and Training Provided by Dental Professionals and

Certificate in Dental Assisting – Accredited Program Approved by the State of Indiana

Radiology Program Approved by the State of Indiana


School  Tuition

Affordable Tuition With Flexible Payment Plans

Package 1



Full Payment

Package 2



Weekly  Payment Plan

Package 3



Weekly Payment Plan

What People Say

Loved every minute of dental assistant training I received from Dana, our instructor. Once I completed the course I felt prepared to start my career and take the radiology state test. Dana and Dr.Singh are a joy to be around.

Jessica Doddridge
  • After much research in selecting a Dental Assisting program I selected Dental Assistants School of Indiana because I felt the class sizes would make my learning experience more personal. In the past when taking college courses I was easily intimidated because of large class sizes.
    I really enjoyed this class not only because it was a small class, but because it was very hands on and the lab sessions took place in an actual dental office, unlike other programs I looked into.
    Dr. Preeti Singh, owner of Dental Assistants School of Indiana helped me achieve my goal of becoming a dental assistant in just 13 weeks and I am happy to say I have been employed since completing his program. My instructor, Dana along with all other staff was very knowledgeable and took a personal interest in helping me learn. I plan on returning soon to complete their Expanded Functions program.
    If there is anyone considering Dental assisting as a career, I would highly recommend this program. You will not be disappointed.

    Brayton Ritsmon
  • I would recommend this dental assisting course to anyone looking to get into the dental field. The instructor Dana is great at what she does and is very helpful in teaching everything you need to know to be a successful dental assistant. I was able to find a job before even completing the course as well as pass the DANB radiology exam. If you are looking for a fast paced class packed with all the curriculum you need to succeed, I highly recommend Dental Assistants School of Indiana.

    Ariel Cobbins
  • I started the dental assistant school back in June, my brother ended up getting in a bad accident and Dr. Singh & the teacher Mrs. Dana let me take a leave, so that I could help my family out. I cannot tell you how grateful I am they did this for me. Dana has been nothing less than amazing throughout the process of me finishing I started back to finish and am now in the middle of my internship with them & they are just as kind and caring as they seem. I love the environment and atmosphere of this Dental office, very clean & organized. Not to mention everyone is very helpful and willing to answer any questions I have had. It took me a long time to figure out if I wanted to go through with going to dental assistant school & I couldn’t be happier with the school I picked. I’m so thankful and blessed to have found this school & to of had the support I did from my teacher. Thank you guys both.

    Alyssa darling
  • I had a great experience at this school. The instructors are very knowledgeable and careing. This school is also very affordable and has a convenient class schedule. I will hopefully be attending the Expanded Functions class that they offer in the near future.

    Melissa Fourie
  • The teacher, Mrs. Dana, was great. She was very supportive and very understanding. The course was great and easy to catch on and stay on course. I loved my classmates. Jenny was very nice, professional, and approachable. I will miss everyone. I was very nervous and scared. I felt great being in the class. I’ll miss you all!!

    Tory Barnett
  • Best dental assisting school EVER! I had looked into others that were more expensive and required more time in the class room. Here, you meet once a week and the overall cost is quite low (and they offer payment plans). Dana was an amazing instructor. She made sure everyone understood the material given and would answer any questions you had. The class size is small which was great because you become quite comfortable with everyone. I will be coming back to take the expanded course!

    Hannah Reider
  • I would recommend going to the dental assistants school of indiana to anyone who is trying to be a dental assistant! It is a course that meets the needs of anybody at any age. I didn’t start taking the course until I was 23 years old and I still learned alot! The teacher is awesome! Everyone cares about your education so they will work with you if you need help! The plus is its only 13 weeks long and my course was just on Fridays so it doesn’t conflict with work or taking care of kids! Its an overall great school and great staff!! I love them!! Maybe coming back to take my expanded course!! 🙂

    Jasmine Boyd
  • I finished my Dental Assisting at this School . It was a wonderful experience exploring everything about Dental Assisting . Had a great chance of doing externship with Dr. Preeti Singh DDS , which helped me in implementing all the knowledge and facts practically which I learnt at the Dental Assisting School of Indiana . All the faculty members are very much skilled and helpful .Our instructor Dana , who is very much experienced and a wonderful person has helped everyone in our batch to learn and practice things very nicely. I will definitely recommend to all those who are interested in going for this wonderful profession in future , must look forward for joining Dental Assistant School of Indiana .

    jashandeep kaur
  • It’s was a okay class . It’s a fun class

    Lauren Spaulding